Monday, 31 May 2021

2021 Mute Swan nests in my study area.



It is gradually coming to the end of the Swan hatching season.  Below is yet another update.  

Mute Swan nesting in 2021 seems to be an odd year.  Lots of nests but low production.  

Rathcoole Cygnets hatched as did Goldenbridge / Davitt Road among others.  However, War Memorial Gardens appear to have hatched and lost all 7 in the first 3 days.  Lots of Swans and nests is not always a sign of a healthy Swan population.  The age profile is a key factor.  Presently we have a lot of young inexperienced swan parents.  A more accurate reflection will be the 12 week old Survey.  

Rathcoole Park Cygnets

Chart updated 06/06/2021.  

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