Wednesday, 26 August 2020

August 2020

 26th August.

I haven't been blogging as frequent as I used to.  Studying from home means that I am not at all the places I usually ring read.  Today I had a one of my delayed final exams and afterwards took a walk to the Great South Wall in Dublin Docks.  Two of our Herring Gulls were sighted.

Despite the fact I have 3,000 entries on the database, I and the observers who kindly ring read for the project continually turn up first sightings.  My thanks to Jan, Joe and Brian who are prolific in sending in constant sightings to add to my own observations.  My thanks to the overseas and National ring readers who send in sightings from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, all over Ireland, England, France, Spain Portugal and Morocco.  Our Dublin Gulls certainly disperse.

Today at the South Wall in Dublin Port, I read 2 rings.  This is a well watched area but continually turns up new gulls.

Herring Gull B59:D.  Ringed in 2019 by Tonya.  First sighting since ringed

Urban Herring Gull 215:D.  Ringed 2018 and going Grey.