Sunday, 28 February 2021

February 2021

February 28th 2021 

This lock down means I am restricted to 5Km from my home and as a result I only see the same ringed Gulls. However, the big movement of Black-headed Gulls has started and today I recorded White NUT from Denmark. I first recorded it in January 2013 when I started ring reading. I don't know where it winters, but it stops at Sean Walsh Park, Dublin every year since for a week or so before it departs our shores. Interestingly it hasn't been recorded in Denmark since the 2013 breeding season. What is amazing about this Black-headed Gull is that it was ringed in 2005 as an adult of at least 3 years old. That makes it at least 19 years old! Great to see it still going strong. Surprisingly the Darvic ring is still in reasonable condition.