Saturday, 16 November 2019

November 2019

A change in my work circumstances has meant I have missed posting observations for quite some time.  I am still ring reading!  My camera battery is also now resolved, I hope to retrospectively catch up!  Winter is fast approaching.  My first colour ringed Brent have been recorded.

November 18th.

Received preliminary report from Hendrik Trapp in Germany.  Black [X2VC] was ringed in 2019 which is why I hadn't seen it before this year.  More interestingly, it was seen on migration in July and again in September at Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, England.  The route is almost a straight line!
Thank you Hendrick!
Black [X2AV] migration route

November 17th

On my canal IWebs count I spotted Norwegian Black-headed Gull Green [JC38].  I hadn't located it since December 2018, so nice that it still comes to the Kennel Club at Harols X every year!

Norwegian Green [JC38] Harolds X again

November 16th

On Davitt Road, I recorded a black-headed Gull from Germany.  Black[X2VC] I first recorded it last month on 15th October and reported it.  I am still awaiting details.

This morning in Sean Walsh Park, I recorded the Herring Gull B71:D again.  This seems to be absent Mon-Friday and appear at the weekends!

Also recorded was the Swedish Black Headed Gull 6456000.  Not difficult to do as it is always around your feet!