Thursday, 4 June 2015

June - Mediterranean Gulls arrive.

June 27th

Mediterranean Gulls start to arrive in last week of June into Dublin.  There are just over 50 arrived so far.  There was only one Great Black Backed with a Darvic at Bullock Harbour so I went to Sandycove to read the first wave of Mediterranean Gulls arriving.
Great Black backed 1VV is a regular at Bullock Harbour.

RX59 is a new Mediterranean Gull to me!

RJN5 - another new to me Mediterranean Gull.  This French Bird was seen in Dublin last year by others.

This Hungarian 1st Year may have overwintered in Dublin.
Mediterranean Gull 2XA9,  Another new to me!
Great fun today but I wished I had brought a tripod as the birds were quite far out.

June 22nd

The number of Black Headed Gulls is starting to rise in the local parks.  In Sean Walsh Park there were 12 last Friday, but all 1st Cy non breeders.  Today the first adult returned, probably a failed breeder.  As the mute Swan Project is drawing to a close, I look forward to the return of the Black Headed Gulls from all around Europe.

June 7th

Bray Harbour this morning to read the non breeding Swans rings.  Only 1 non breeding swan with a ring read due to so many dogs on the beach not on leads.  However the Scottish Herring Gull O[A:B97] is still present.
Herring gull with well worn feathers.

June 6th

Bullock Harbour is always good for a few coloured rings.  Lots of Great Black Backed Gulls and 3 coloured rings.  Nothing unusual, but always worth checking.

June 4th

At lunch today in Sean Walsh Park I was delighted with this observation of an Isle of Man ring.  At this time of year there are very few foreign ringed birds about.

Isle of Man T3YA in Sean Walsh Park, Tallaght.

June 2nd

The Great Black Backed Gulls continue to be fascinating to observe and 14 Darvic rings read this morning.

Great Black Backed Gull 2KE