Saturday, 1 June 2013

June 2013 Larus Marinus - Great Black-backed Gulls

June 2013

Larus Marinus - Great Black-backed Gulls

June 29th
Another week of no Darvic rings in Tallaght.  Out at Howth early this morning.  Again more Herring than Great Black Backed and again no Isle of Man rings etc.  8 Ireland Eye Blue Darvics, six seen recently by myself at Howth, but the one which caught my attention Blue[2KU].  Almost a year ago I saw it in Bullock Harbour and was probably the first ringed Great Black-backed gull I saw. (I have the report that it was ringed  as Pullus in July 2009 and my sighting last July was the first report since it was ringed.
Great Black Backed Gull - Blue[2KU] 

1UK who was fine last week has sustained a foot injury and was hopping!

June 22nd
Another week with no rings in the Parks of Tallaght. Two Black Headed Gulls (1st Summer) passed through SWP on Tuesday.  Nothing at Bullock Horbour on Thursday evening and only a few at Howth on Saturday. I went to Howth in the afternoon instead of early morning.  Relatively few Great Black Backed gulls compared to last week and significantly more Herring Gulls.
Herring Gull with Blue Darvic.
June 15th
Out at Howth early this morning, again looking for Isle of Man rings and White Gulls.  No luck, but a very pleasant morning.  13 Irelands Eye Darvic rings, and again a mixture of those seen before by me and some new to me.  This Herring Gull (2nd Summer) was new to me and came quite close.
Larus Argentatus + Coloured Ring 0CP

Howth Harbour - Roost on the Ice house

June 9th
Target rings for this month is actually an Isle of Man Herring Gull.  They are seen most years, in early June at Howth, so again I went to Howth, early as it was scheduled to be a glorious day.  Alas, no Black and gold rings.  There were plenty of  Blue Darvics on GBBG.  Six were seen there last week by myself and four were new to me.  No white gulls either.  I have to catch the 'Fish Offal Lorry' some day!  Apparently, when the Offal from the fish factories is being collected, Gulls come from miles around for the chance of a free meal!

Note:  The size of a Juvenile GBBG compared to a small adult Herring Gull
Drove home along the coast and picked up a new Herring Gull [Blue] OJK in Sutton. There were dozens of Black Headed Gulls at the Bull, but very far out.  Happened to be at Bullock later that afternoon. Blue 1TC and Blue 1JR were around.

June 4th
Went out to Howth to see if any white Gulls were around.  Last year I had an Iceland Gull in Sean Walsh Park, but have yet to see one this year or a Glaucous Gull anywhere.  Arrived not long after 9 am and plenty of Herring Gull and Loads of Great Black-backed Gulls. I read 10 with Ireland eye darvic rings - hardly surprising as Irelands Eye is just over 1 Km away.  The Darvics I read were mainly first sightings and not that interesting, but I didn't see a single Lesser Black Backed Gull!  In fact all the Gulls were Great Black-backed or Herring variety.
The only variety were all the different stages of Juvenile plumage.  the one below I decided was first Summer.  The other photo I included is 1TN.  It was in Bullock Harbour for the majority of afternoon visits last month.  It was gone from Howth by 10.30.  Perhaps it roosts at Howth?
Great Black-backed Gull 1RM, Howth Harbour

Great Black-backed Gull + Blue[1TN]White

June 1st
Went to Bullock Harbour in the afternoon and plenty of Gulls about.  Still no Mediterranean Gulls, Common  or  Black Headed Gulls back.  More Kittiwakes and plenty of Great Black-backed Gulls, Herring Gulls and some Lesser Black Backed Gulls.  Four gulls with Blue Darvic rings from Irelands Eye.

Great Black Backed  1TCBullock Harbour01/06/2013Irish
Great Black Backed  1JRBullock Harbour01/06/2013Irish
Great Black Backed  1KHBullock Harbour01/06/2013Irish
Great Black Backed  2LHBullock Harbour01/06/2013Irish

Great Black-backed Gull + Blue 1TC -  2nd Winter +

1TC was new to me a Bullock Harbour

Great Black-backed Gull + Blue 1KH - 3rd  Winter +
1KH was new to me at Bullock Harbour

Great Black-backed Gull + Blue 2LH- Adult.
2LH was seen by me at Bullock harbour back in April.  Didn't get a good photo of 1JR but it is there more often than not.