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December 2012 - Sanderlings with coloured rings!

December 18th 2012

Sanderlings with coloured rings!

On the 18th I got the tides wrong and my trip to Merrion Gates coincided with a very high tide, so couldn't get to the gulls.  The day wasn't wasted as I photographed three coloured ringed sanderlings

Sanderling + G2WGGW

Sanderling + G1WWYG

Sanderling + G2RWGR
Their coding is different to anything I had read before.  You need to look up the following website . The code starts with the colour and location of the Flag.  In the photo above it is Green, Location 2 Left leg above the knee, Then left leg top down Red, White.  Then right leg top down Green Red.  G2RWGR.  If you find this too much, send them a photo!
All three were ringed in Iceland in 2011 and have been well reported by some very diligent Irish birders.

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