Monday, 6 May 2013

March 2013 - Black Headed Gulls depart.

March 2013
Black Headed Gulls depart!

Black Headed Gull E5VA
In Sean Walsh Park Black Headed Gull E5VA failed to show up on three separate occasions that I went to Lake 3.  It was the 13th when this photograph was taken at lake 3.  I had never seen him progress to adult plumage before and it was now mid change.  On the 16th I spotted him on a lamppost near lake 1.  On the 19th or March the snow came yet again and in a field in Kiltipper, where I never had a single ring before, I spotted E5VA.  It was about 2Km from Sean Walsh Park and the first time I had spotted him outside the park.  Then it was gone.  Benny Middendorp reported to me that he first saw it on April 11th in Holland, followed quickly by Maarten van Kleinwee also spotting it. Now two things I find interesting.
While E5VA travelled from Zoetermeer to winter in Ireland. They had an Irish Black Headed Gull wintering there!  Orange Darvic so I assume Northern Irish.
White E5MY is its brother/sister. That bird chose Spain as its place to winter!  Who chose better?

Other Black Headed Gull news.

Swedish ring 6430814 was last seen on the 13th of March, The juvanile ES45066 from Norfolk last seen on the 14th.  white[NUT] who I hadnit seen since February 19th was still around and Sean Kingston had recorded it Roosting at Booterstown on the 4th of March.

Brent Geese.
On March 6th I took a day off work and helped out at a Brent Geese ringing day.  Not alot to report other that I enjoyed it and will do it again.

Me with 66RR

Brent 34RR
The English cannon netters label the geese differently!  They would call this RR34!  Very confusing.


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