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December 2012 1st -16th. Mt first CR Godwit

December 2012

Meds, GBB & Godwit!

1st - 16th

December 2012 was such a fantastic month.  It started with a metal ring in Tymon Park, on a Juvenile Black Headed Gull.  This turned out to be my first from Lough Mask Island.  The only place in Ireland I knew they ringed Black Headed Gulls!  The report from the BTO is basic to say the least.  Previous sightings are not included.  Each time you report a Gull to the BTO you get the exact same reply as the first time.  This bird was ringed by C Benson as age nestling, sex unknown on 28-May-2012 at Lough Mask Island

Black Headed Gull EW53681
I also read the Mute swan in Tymon Park.  This bird was ringed by O J Merne as age at least 2 years, sex unknown on 17-Jun-2007 at Swords Estuary, Dublin.

On December 13th, I did a days bird watching from Bray to Dublin.  No Black Headed gulls, which were my target, but 4 Darvic Rings at Bullock Harbour was exceptional, and it was still morning.
Darvic Ring
Great Black Backed Gull - Blue 1MN

Great Black Backed Gull - Blue 1NK

Great Black Backed Gull - Blue 1NL

Great Black Backed Gull - Blue 1TU
 No reply to date on the Great Black Backed Gulls, but they are probably all Irelands Eye and they are first winter.  I look forward to finding out where they have been.  I moved up along the coast and at the Forty Foot read some of the Mediterranean Gulls.  Now up to seven Darvics in one day!  That would have been a record in a month.

Mediterranean Gull + Yellow [2XA1]

Mediterranean Gull + Green [AHUK]
 The results came in quickly from the med gull ringing schemes.  But unlike the Gulls in Tallaght they have been well reported with 22 sightings of AHUK since the summer.  2XA1 and 2XA6 had also been seen every week, but nice enthusiastic replies with full life histories from, Sean Kingston and Andreas, and Andreas even sent me a photo of AHUK in summer plumage.  It was ringed in Germany as an adult in 2009

Back at Sean Walsh park E5VA was still observed most days I went to lake 3.  I read The Mute Swan on the14th.
Mute Swan W26144

This bird was ringed by O J Merne as age at least 2 years, sex unknown on 19-Jul-2008 at Bray, Wicklow.

Another trip to the Forty Foot saw me record 2XA1 and 2XA6 again as well as White[E553].

On December 16th at Sandymount strand looking for Darvics among the 1,000s and 1,000s of roosting gulls I spotted this Black Tailed Godwit.
Black Tailed Godwit GYLRBR
It had only been ringed in Kent, England in September 2012, Spotted in Mersyside in November and now in Dublin.  I spotted him on Bull Island in January 2013 so he certainly in very mobile!

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