Friday, 3 May 2013

February 2013 - Danish, Dutch and Norwegian Darvic rings

February 2012

Lots of Rings

Busy month, so busy I am writing up February as first, Sean Walsh Park and then other coloured rings!  The month started with Black Headed Gull E5VA - as always and still at Lake 3. It stayed quite until the 18th with Swedish 6430814 being the only other ring read in the park.  There was a metal ring at lake 1, but getting a gull to land so I can read it isn't always straight forward.
BHG E5VA ever present

 On the 18th of February White [NUT] turned up.  Last year he arrived on January 21st, stayed around for a month.  My theory is that he winters further west and stops off at Sean Walsh Park for a month on the way back to Denmark.  If I am correct then he's a month late.  (He/She - not sure)
NUT shows off his darvic ring!
The amount of Common Gulls increases in the Park at this time.  The 19th, saw JEJ6 present itself on the rocks of Lake 4.  On the 27th it stood on the sculpture of the Hippo at Lake 5 and allowed me take photos from 6m away or near enough to get full reading on its metal ring! Oh ringed in 2009, mine yet again was the first sighting since it was ringed!
JEJ6 - First Darvic ob Common Gull
February 28th saw me record ES45066 at lake 1. He brakes the norm as he has been seen at both Lake 1 and lake 3. Oh, he is a Juvenile ringed by R J Gribble as nestling,on 12-Jun-2012 at Pockthorpe, Norfolk, UK.

  So February 2012, 3 Darvic Rings in the Park and 2 metal rings. Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and English!  More importantly 3 of the 5 were definitely here last year and one wasn't even hatched!

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