Thursday, 9 May 2013

April 2013 - All blue rings.

April 2013 

All Blue rings!

Black Headed Gull ES45066
I thought that all the black headed gulls had gone, but on April 5th ES45066 turned up again.  It is common for Juveniles to leave later, so it wasn't a huge surprise.  Adult Plumage starting to come through.
Brent Goose 4CBB + Booterstown Marsh
The Brent geese were to remain all April.  This individual was photographed on April 7th at Booterstown Marsh.

Herring Gull - Blue Darvic - Blue[0CU]White
At Tallaght Community School, on April 14th, this Herring Gull from Irelands Eye was seen.  There is a daytime roost at that location.  It is good to get these sightings inland as it shows the extent of their range. It takes a while to get the reports and it will be interesting to see where this bird has been and if it is usually coastal.
Great Black Backed Gull Blue Darvic - Blue[2LH]White
We were heading to Bullock Harbour where my boys love seal watching etc. I spotted yet another Darvic Blue[2LH]White. Another one I hadn't seen before.  2 Darvic Rings in one day!

Great Black Backed Gull Blue[1MC]White
On the 21st I was coming home from Bray and Stopped at Bullock harbour.  1MC was showing well.
I was still doing my daily walks at Lunch time in Sean Walsh Park, but no rings were showing showing up or expected.
Great Black Backed Gull + Blue[1NL]White
Then on the 26th my scanning of the big gulls in Sean Walsh Park finally paid off.  I only got a quick shot from a long distance, but enough to clearly see the ring.  1NL.  I had seen this GBB in December 2012 at Bullock Harbour.  The GBB Gulls at Bullock Harbour, which I thought were exclusively Pelagic, can come 5-10KM inland!  My boys were taken to Sean Walsh Park on Saturday and Sunday and although there were 127 big gulls, (GBB, LBB and Herring), there was no sign of 1NL.

As April last year, was a month without a coloured ring sighting, April 2013 was a significant improvement!


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