Monday, 24 August 2015

New Isle of Man darvic Aug 2015

August 30th

Bullock Harbour and Sandycove produced a few rings, but the tide was too low for decent photos.

Mediterranean Gull at Bullock Harbour

Herring Gull 0JH.  Darvic is very worn.
 However, bird of the day had no coloured ring.  This Swedish Black Headed Gull was ringed in 2005.  For the last 5 years it's metal ring has been read at the exact same location- Bullock Harbour. Great to see it back for another winter.

August 29th

At Sandycove this afternoon there were 3 CR Med Gulls.  Green[RS96] from France, Red[H4L3] from Hungary and a locally ringed Yellow[2XK2]. But only 2 dozen Mediterranean Gulls present, so I quickly moved on to Bullock Harbour.

Mediterranean Gull with French CR Ring.

Bullock Harbour was equally rewarding with the Polish Mediterranean Gull, Red[PRN6] appearing briefly.
Mediterranean Gull with Polish CR Ring

Of the 2 Dublin ringed Great Black backed Gulls Blue[1JJ] was the most interesting observation.  I had last seen this bird in May 2015 in my local Park in Tallaght.  It just shows the the Gulls inland  are not necessarily all urban birds.

Great Black Backed Gull

But today, though I observed bird rings from France, Poland, Hungary and bird of the day was this GBBGU with an Isle of Man ring.

Juvenile Great Black Backed Gull with Orange Darvic from Isle of Man.

August 26th

The Black Headed Gull 27H0 is still reliable with 50% of visits rewarded with a sighting.

August 24th

E5VA Returns

The Black Headed Gull E5VA returned to Sean Walsh Park in Tallaght.  This Dutch Black Headed Gull I first recorded in January 2012, the month I started ring reading.  This is the 4th .season it has returned and it shows how faithful it is to it's wintering site.
Black Headed Gull + Metal Ring and CR Ring
Last year it was less frequently recorded, It will be interesting to see how often it uses the Park this year.

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