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May - Cygnets

24th May

Some times while out looking for Rings, nests or cygnets, you see some wonderful sights from nature.  Four Coot Chicks, my sons said they were ugly but fun to watch the newly hatched chicks

20th May

Another day of nest visits and some more hatchings.

Naas Canal Basin.  

One Cygnet and 5 unhatched eggs left in the nest.  Both adults are un-ringed!  I spoke to the very helpful instructors in the Canoe Club and was advised it hatched on Friday and they hadn't been near the nest today.  I checked all the eggs and they were cold, at least they have one cygnet!

Naas Ponds, Middle Lake

Female still on 6 eggs. She was ringed as a second year in Naas in 2015.  The Colour ring was replaced in Bray, Co Wicklow in 2017,  37 Km away.   The male was un-ringed, but is now YN(CBXT)!

Bushy Park

5 Cygnets on the water with YN(CBAH).  Female still on nest.  There may be more to follow.

Poppintree Park 

This one has failed again this year.  No sign of the adults.  There are pollution booms in place so perhaps the Council removed them again this year?

19th of May

This year I was going to be clever.  Instead of nest record cards all over the walls I would input observations of nests nightly.  This week the BTO has taken down the nest recording function and I am back to manual records for the meantime.

Ardclough, Grand Canal

Female still on the nest with 2 cygnets.  Couldn't see any unhatched eggs.  The male was again no where to be seen.  

14th May

Ballycragh Park, Firhouse

The cygnets are out today, the nest was last checked Friday, so not sure exactly when they hatched. There were 3 in the water and at least 3 on the Pens back.  I will try tomorrow and get a definitive count.
Ballycragh Park today.


Got word this morning that the Parkwest nest had hatched.  I was luck to be able to visit at lunch time, but only saw 2 heads.  Without reports from others, the nest records would not be as accurate and an observer Deaglán reported 4 this afternoon.  The fact she is still on the nest suggests that they are still hatching.

Parkwest, Liffey Filters.  Cygnets under the outstretched wing!

8th May

Sean Walsh Park, lake 3 has now hatched, with the 5 Cygnets already moved to lake 5.

Sean Walsh Park Cygnets

7th May

Glorious weather so went and colour ringed some swans!  Afterwards my calculations were showing that the nest in Fr Collins Park should be hatching, so we stopped by and they were right on cue.  We only observed for a few minutes from a distance and there were 3 hatched and 5 eggs still to go.  I got a report later that there were now 6 and 2 unhatched.

CAJC with one of 3 visible cygnets

5th May 

The late snow appears to have had a big effect on Swan nesting.  However, yesterday at Naas ponds my first cygnets of the year were recorded.  There were 8.  I didn't manage to record the adults rings, but I assume they are CBDB and CALX.  The dynamics at Naas ponds have changed this year.

This is what I can assume.  I cannot locate a nest for the pair (CBDB and CATF). which usually nest at the lake nearest town.    He is now on the middle lake halfheartedly defending half of it.  There is a third nest this year on the banks of the middle lake.  The male is un-ringed and the female has not obliged me by standing!  Please email me if you have more info!!

Naas Ponds - Fairgreen lake.

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