Saturday, 3 December 2016

December 2016 Happy New Year - New Gull

December 31st

I took my boys to Broadmeadows and challanged them to see who could read the most Swan rings! Between us we read 35 different Swan Rings!  As there were only 49 Swans and some were unringed, I reckon we got them all!

December 30th

Today at lunch I went looking for the Yellow ringed Black Headed Gull 217G, but instead got a new Darvic ring at Tallaght Community School.  
Iain replied very quickly that it was ringed at Elvanfoot, South Lanarkshire in 2014!  Why have I not seen it before!  I did see a red ring last winter but failed to read it, probably the same bird.  No other sightings since ringing.  It is their first project BHG reported from Dublin.

December 25th

A short Christmas day walk at Sandycove.  Very busy with the Traditional Christmas day swim.  The water temperature is probably above 10 degrees as it has been so mild recently.  Anyway lots of Med and Black Headed Gulls, but only 2 colour rings recorded.  Where are they all hiding?
Mediterranean Gull 2XK2 was a first sighting for me!

December 19th

At Sean Walsh Park, the Danish Black Headed Gull VY42 made a brief appearance.  The photo isn't good enough to post, I will try again tomorrow to get a better shot.  

December 18th

Today I spotted a CR Godwit.  I watched it for 30 minutes and it wouldn't put it's other leg down.  Eventually the tide covered the rings and I never saw the other leg.  I assume it is RO-OZ who has been sighted around this area.

On the way home I passed through Sandyford Industrial Estate and checking out the roofs spotted a CR Herring Gull from Irelands Eye.  Although only ringed this year I have not recorded it before

December 3rd

I-Webs this morning which means my focus is on counting, but I do keep an eye out for Coloured Rings.  At Harolds X, I spotted a Green Ring, Quickly identified as Norwegian. However too far away to read accurately so out with the camera.  To my surprise it is one I haven't recorded before.  So I came home and input into the Norwegian Website with instant access to it's life history!

Ringed in 2014 as an adult it has never before been reported from Ireland.  Another 1st for me.

Norwegian Black Headed Gull JC38 at Harolds X

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