Thursday, 5 May 2016

2016 May - Great Black Backed Gulls

May 13th

Not much happening on the Gull front, but another two of the CR Swans have added to the successful nest count.  This nest is Sean Walsh Park - Lake 5.  Will hopefully update the news on the nesting front this week end.  Many thanks for all the reports of Swans, Nest locations and cygnets.

May 4th - Howth Harbour.

Today I took a break from monitoring swans to check out the Gulls of Howth and as luck would have it, the waste was being collected from the fish factories - even more gulls.  14 Coloured Rings read and photographed, all ringed on Irelands Eye, an Island 1km off the harbour.
Spot the difference!  Great Black Backed Gull 2JJ 

Great Black Backed Gull - 1MC

However, my bird of the day was Great Black Backed Gull - 2CR.  It was my first sighting of 2016
Great Black Backed Gull 2009 - 2CR

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